Published Poems

Upcoming Publications

Chestnut Review (Fall, 2022), Fahmidan Journal (2022), Pirene’s Fountain (2022), Hayden’s Ferry Review (2022), RHINO (2023), Asian American Writer’s Workshop (The Margins) (March, 2023), Mom Egg Review, 2023, Prairie Schooner (2023)

Published Works

(House Mountain Review) Six Reasons Why I Have Considered Exile

(The Hellebore) Three Poems

(NELLE) Elegy For My Sister’s Journal

(Dialogist) Cloister

(Night Heron Barks) The Worst Thing

(The Rupture) Glass Menagerie

(Sweet Tree Review) My Son’s Driver’s Education Teacher Talks About Organ Donation

(Honey Literary) Eating Fire

(Diode) Two Poems

(Literary Mama) Making Frybread With my Son

(Lantern Review) How We Fly

(Underwater Railroad) Seoul Station to Daegu, 2001

(lickety-split) Bloodline

(Literary Mama) Book of Stingers

(Rust & Moth) Gold

(Rust & Moth) What We Don’t Say (Best of the Net Nomination)

(Motherwell) Can’t

(Dissonance) Taking my Daughter Out for Smoothies

(Negative Capability: Feature Poet) Questions for my Mother & Chambered Nautilus

(Kissing Dynamite: Feature Poet) Pantoum for my Father (Featured on Frontier’s Exceptional Poetry, March 2021) (Best of Net Nomination)

(Mom Egg Review) I Ask the Pearl Diver to Bring You Back From the Dead (Best of Net Nomination)

(Cross & Crow Keys) Locked Door/Open Door

(trampset) “Seoul, 1988

(The Wild Word) The Last Time I Held My Sister

Poem in “Dead of Winter” by Milk & Cake Press

(Porcupine Literary) Safe & Bomb

(Poets Reading the News) Owl in the City

(Rough Cut Press) Saved

(Rogue Agent) Clean (Pushcart Prize Nomination)

(West Trestle) Two poems: Chuseok (Pushcart Prize Nomination) Keeping Watch

(The Mantle) Dear Whitney, on Your 57th Birthday

(Black Flowers Journal) Around Every Corner

(South Florida Poetry Journal) The Last Time I Prayed

(Shimmer Spring) First Morning & Paris, June 2017

(Barnstorm Literary Journal) Dear Julia

(Wondrous Real) When I Google: Is There a Patron Saint of Suicides (Best of Net Nomination)

(Sublunary Review) Michigan Winter, 1983

(SWWIM) What Mattered

(Rattle) Attending a 12-Step Meeting After Learning That Rust Has Grown on the Moon (Best of Net Nomination)

(Ghost City Review) There is Nothing Else

(FEED: Issue 1.21) How to Pray After Loss to Suicide & What Blooms

(Anti-Heroin Chic) Grief in Quarantine, Memory of Water, & How to Make Pancakes for a Dead Boy

(Dying Dahlia Review) Cartouche (Pushcart Prize Nomination)

(Easy Street) The Planet, the Star, & the Darkness

(Vagabond City Lit) Two Days After Christmas

(The Fem) 10 Alternate Names for the Dead Addict

(Rise Up Review) Our Country

(The Missing Slate) Happy Days

(TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism) Bathing Scene From Marguerite Duras’ “The Lover”

(Saturday Series: Poetry as it Ought to be) Featured Poet: Joan Glass

(Literary Mama) The Way We Were

(Visceral Uterus) Boredom Never Killed Any One

(Right Hand Pointing) What Remains

(Haggard and Halloo) On the Death of a Neighbor

(Smith College Alumae Quarterly) Ode to an Alumnae Magazine

(The Blue Hour) The Laundry, Love