Pushcart Prize Nominations for:

Cartouche (Dying Dahlia Review, 2018)

Chuseok (West Trestle Review, 2020)

Clean (Rogue Agent, 2020)

ask louie (Persephone’s Daughters, 2020)

Poems are UPCOMING in: Cross & Crow Keys (March, 2021), the print anthology “Dead of Winter” by Milk & Cake Press (February, 2021), launch print issue of The Violet & the Bird, and Literary Mama (May & July 2021)

Published Works

(Porcupine Literary) Safe & Bomb

(Poets Reading the News) Owl in the City

(Rough Cut Press) Saved

(Rogue Agent) Clean

(West Trestle) Two poems: Chuseok Keeping Watch

(The Mantle) Dear Whitney, on Your 57th Birthday

(Black Flowers Journal) Around Every Corner

(South Florida Poetry Journal) The Last Time I Prayed

(Shimmer Spring) First Morning & Paris, June 2017

(Barnstorm Literary Journal) Dear Julia

(Wondrous Real) When I Google: Is There a Patron Saint of Suicides

(Sublunary Review) Michigan Winter, 1983

(SWWIM) What Mattered

(Rattle) Attending a 12-Step Meeting After Learning That Rust Has Grown on the Moon

(Ghost City Review) There is Nothing Else

(FEED: Issue 1.21) How to Pray After Loss to Suicide & What Blooms

(Anti-Heroin Chic) Grief in Quarantine, Memory of Water, & How to Make Pancakes for a Dead Boy

(Dying Dahlia Review) Cartouche

(Easy Street) The Planet, the Star, & the Darkness

(Vagabond City Lit) Two Days After Christmas

(The Fem) 10 Alternate Names for the Dead Addict

(Rise Up Review) Our Country

(The Missing Slate) Happy Days

(TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism) Bathing Scene From Marguerite Duras’ “The Lover”

(Saturday Series: Poetry as it Ought to be) Featured Poet: Joan Glass

(Literary Mama) The Way We Were

(Visceral Uterus) Boredom Never Killed Any One

(Right Hand Pointing) What Remains

(Haggard and Halloo) On the Death of a Neighbor

(Smith College Alumae Quarterly) Ode to an Alumnae Magazine

(The Blue Hour) The Laundry, Love

(Pyrokinection) On the Anniversary of Her Death